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Billing & Invoicing

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Billing & Invoicing

Accounting for truck drivers is essential for anyone involved in this industry, but this is a significant topic for owner-operators or independent contractors. Various aspects of this industry are quite unique, and the truck drivers might need to navigate enough while actually being out on the road. Bookkeeping, tax planning and accounting are often the last thing on a truck driver’s mind while driving staggering numbers of miles in an attempt to arrive safely despite myriad obstacles. Trucking company owners also have to think about the issue of accounting very seriously when launching any new venture. Before the company even opens its doors, it’s necessary to set up a system that can perform proper accounting for trucking business owners. This includes forming a chart of accounts with all of the important categories represented. It also includes the procedures that enable the proper accounting of transport companies through daily record keeping and transactions tracking..

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Truck driver accounting services can help to reduce the common barriers in this industry. The entire planning strategy for the company will include a variety of issues related to best business practices. This might include things like registering in multiple states, for example. However, daily recordkeeping and accounting strategies are just as important for the long-term solvency of the organization or trucking firm. By utilizing the expertise of a qualified trucking accountant, the business can reduce many of the common barriers to revenue growth.

HES WAY-Trucking Billing and Invoicing

Many American truckers and owner-operators are already enjoying our expert services. Here’s what you can expect when you
work with us:

  • Smooth and reliable trucking accounting services for business

When done right, accounting can save you money and help your business thrive — and this is exactly the kind of service
we provide. We adopt an expert approach, removing all confusion and uncertainty from the process so that your business
receives the truck driver accounting services it needs. You end up with a trucking business or freelance operation that
is lean, mean, and flexible enough to compete with the best out there on the road.

  • Trucking billing that supports your business

You provide your trucking services, and then you get paid. But there is a missing link in the chain here — billing.
Billing helps your clients understand how much they are paying for your services while also ensuring that you get paid
the money you are owed. This is a crucial service for all truck drivers, and we are proud to do our part to keep that
all-important revenue flowing in.

  • Trucking invoice for all aspects of your operation

There may be additional services that you provide outside of your standard logistics and delivery work. You may find
yourself needing to deliver invoices to your clients in a flexible and reliable manner so that you can foster a strong
relationship with your customers while still receiving the money that is due to you. Let us take care of this with our
reliable trucking invoicing services.

  • A hands-off process for drivers

We are the accounting, billing, and invoicing professionals. We know this industry, and we are proud to deliver the
right kind of service to the drivers who work with us and rely on us. But what does this mean? We take care of
everything and ensure that drivers do not need to worry or stress about anything relating to accounting or billing. It’s
a completely hands-off process for our drivers.

  • A close and personal service

We know that freelance truckers and owner-operators have unique needs and expectations. For this reason, we work closely
with you to understand exactly what you require, and then put our expertise to good use as we meet and exceed those

The Benefits of Our Trucking Accounting Services

Why do so many truckers opt to use our accounting services? Here are a few of the benefits we bring to the table:

  • Formidable expertise in accounting specifically for the logistics and haulage industry
  • The financial foundation that will help your business to grow and expand in the future
  • Personnel that you can rely on, and who you know have your best interests at heart
  • Full compliance with all tax laws and regulations, so that there are no nasty surprises at tax time
  • Only pay the tax required of you, leaving your business strong and fighting fit
  • A stress-free process with no input required from you after the initial consultation
  • A solid set of accounts that will instill trust in your clients
  • Transparent prices that help you to plan your operations with ease and effectiveness

If you are ready to connect with all of these benefits and experience the advantages of expert accounting for trucking
industry professionals, reach out to HES WAY DISPATCH We provide centralized services from our headquarters in
Wilmington, Delaware, but serve truckers right across the country. Use the contact information below to reach us by
phone or email and get a quote for our services.

Truck driver accounting doesn’t need to be confusing with HES WAY DISPATCH, You just drive while we handle the rest.

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Required Documents For Truck Dispatch Services


 1-FMCSA operating authority  (MC certificate)

 2-W9 form (request for Taxpayer Identification Number   and Certification)

 3- Insurance (Certificate with liability cargo policies with us   listed as a certificate holder)

 4-Sign the dispatch agreement

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